Who we are

Since the emergence of popular music, artists have been able to create innovative sounds that tell stories, raise awareness, and influence generations. Popular music reflects the time in which it is written, and is meant to be the voice of that generation. However, the modern era of popular music has brought about some of the least innovative sounds in American history, where songs are judged based off of one catchy riff, and where the importance of talented artists and impactful lyrics have fallen by the wayside. City on Down is changing this by giving lyrical value to popular music again through their ability to develop some of the best artists and musical pieces of this generation. City on Down is Charleston's newest Pop/Rock band, founded on the premise that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

City on Down is comprised of four members: Lead Vocalist and Keyboardist Gregory Keys, Drummer and Vocalist Ian Giancursio, Lead Guitarist Alden Sayre, and Bassist Robert Corrigan. The band was founded in September 2016, when lifelong friends Greg and Ian decided to join together to pursue their dream of a successful music career.

Ian had been pursuing a music career after attending college in Boston, working at Boston Calling Music Festival and playing in several bands. But he knew he needed to pursue his dream with close friends. As Ian puts it: "I just reached out to Greg, ‘Hey man, what if we did this?' It took some months, and then I decided to move to Charleston and start this journey.” Greg had attended College of Charleston and was actively modeling and performing in various school plays, but knew his heart was in music: “I wanted to do something where I could entertain and give back to people.”

The band started performing smaller acoustic spots in November 2016, but soon was booking shows at several bigger venues throughout Charleston. They recorded and released their Debut EP in June 2017, with three original songs: "Toxic," "Come With Me," and "Drunk Alone."

After a few months of uncertainty, the band added Alden Sayre to the group and immediately found its new direction. With the addition of Rob Corrigan, City on Down was able to come full circle and start to develop its eclectic yet refined alternative/synth-pop musical style, best compared to artists like Imagine Dragons, The 1975 and X Ambassadors. The band received a nomination for the Independent Tone Awards in July 2017.

A major event in their career occurred in September 2017, when they were selected as a featured artist at the Charleston Music Confab, where they headlined at John King and received rave reviews from festival organizers.

The chemistry between band members is undeniable and shines through at every live performance, a skill that cannot be taught. Keys' soulful yet pop-centric vocals lie expertly within each track, and Giancursio's vocals mix perfectly to create an unavoidable catchiness for listeners. Sayre's melodic guitar riffs hook the audience right away, with Corrigan's funky bass completing the perfect combination. At heart, City on Down is a group of electric and entertaining performers who love to bring a show-stopping, unforgettable performance to the audience every single night.

City on Down is releasing their upcoming single "All On You" on September 29th, a track that has garnered much support with its Top 40, radio-ready sound set to make audiences dance everywhere. So be sure to check out the song upon release, and stay tuned for more from this group as they are in the process of planning a college tour starting early next year.



Photography: Taylor Czerwinski, Sarah Harvey Hale, Thomas Tran