The Concept

Since the emergence of popular music, artists and bands have been able to create innovative sounds that were able to tell stories, raise awareness, and influence generations. Popular music reflects the time in which it is produced, and is the voice of that generation. Unfortunately, the modern era of popular music has brought about some of the least innovative sounds in American history, in which songs are judged based off of one catchy riff, and the importance of talented artists and impactful lyrics have fallen by the wayside. City on Down intends to change that by giving lyrical value to popular music again through our ability to cultivate some of the best up and coming artists of this generation. City on Down is Charleston's newest Pop-Rock band, founded on the premise that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.


Our Musicians

Gregory M. Keys, Lead singer and pianist of City on Down, has always had an evident infatuation with music and entertainment. It is said that his last name was no mere coincidence, and his dedication is shown currently through his love of composing, writing, and performing musical pieces on the piano. He has spent countless hours perfecting his craft, adding valuable and ambitious members to his team, and creating a detailed plan to manifest his passion into a profitable business. This is not just another new venture for Greg or his team; it is the lifelong vision of an inspired group of talented artists. City on Down is simply the name he stamped on his dreams.

Ian J. Giancursio, City on Down's Drummer and Vocalist, began playing drums at the age of 8, participating in everything from orchestra and jazz band to percussion ensemble from middle school to college. Ian graduated from Bentley University in 2015 with a degree in Finance. However, after working in Boston for a financial software company,  Ian decided he could no longer ignore his burning desire to follow his passion and pursue music. In fall of 2016, he moved to Charleston to partner with long-time best friend Greg Keys in the full-scale business and music operation of City on Down. He is a driving force behind the group, and the vision for success that is shared between Ian and Greg creates the foundation and backbone for the band as a whole.




Photography: Sarah Harvey Hale, Thomas Tran